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Cook out with the world

BBQ specialties from around the globe

Friends, freshly grilled treats and a cool drink: Whether it’s in the park or at home, cooking out is fun, brings people together and gives foodies a taste of freedom.  Looking for a little something extra for your cookout? VARTA has a few tips and tricks to help you bring new, exotic flavors to your home barbecue.

BBQ specialties from around the world

One country where cooking out is practically a national pastime is South Africa. Known as a braai, barbecues are held at public cookout sites. People in South Africa mostly throw meat on the barbecue, serving up beef, lamb or sausages made of beef and ostrich, as well as antelope, wildebeest or zebra. To get the braai feeling at home, try serving local sausages and meats with fruity chutneys and exotic barbecue sauces.
American-style barbecue is known and loved around the world. Classics such as smoked spareribs with hot-and-spicy barbecue sauce or various takes on the burger are a hit with nearly everyone. Here’s something to try: Marinate a T-bone steak with onions, wine and a variety of herbs. Then serve it the American way – with barbecued corn on the cob. Don’t forget to finish off the evening by roasting marshmallows over an open fire!
Cooking out is also popular in the Far East! In Thailand, barbecuing mainly means cooking various kinds of meat and fish on bamboo skewers and serving them with a wide range of marinades. Peanut sauce, oyster sauce and soy sauce make perfect marinades, as do coconut milk, tamarind juice, lemongrass and ginger. Remember to stock up on herbs such as cilantro and Thai basil, as well as fresh chilies, for an authentic Thai experience! Treat yourself and your guests to a taste of Asia at home by barbecuing fruits such as mangoes, bananas and pineapples.

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